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1st Generation vs. 2nd or 3rd Generation Cockapoos


Cockapoos were first breed as a designer breed because purebred dogs have become so "overbred" that each of the breeds have unknowingly bred in undesirable health issues. In order to get away from this a crossbred was developed to insure a healthy dog that would inherit the positive charactistics of both breeds. Most breeders bred to the poodle for their intelligence and non-shedding characteristics and to the cocker spaniel for their companion quailities. I am a member of the American Cockapoo Club.  In order for me to be qualified as a breeder, I must breed at least 2nd generation and preferably 3rd generation Cockapoos. This is because in order to develop a true cockapoo with true characteristics, the 2nd and 3rd and even 4th generations become truer in the sense that their genes are more defined (as I understand it) and pulling from a larger gene pool usually produces a healthier dog.  The coats are usually more predictable as well. Most Cockapoos are non shed dogs. All curly and wavy cockapoos should be non- shed. Smooth coated cockapoos may shed slightly.


1st generation is a dog with one cocker spaniel parent and one poodle (mini or toy) parent.

2nd generation is a dog bred from 1st generation parents.

3rd generation is from 2nd generation parents, etc.